MECHANICS OF THE DRAW 2 ( 23 SEP 17) (930a - 1230p)

Course Description: The course will begin with a quick refresher of MOTD 1 before moving into dominate hand shooting, support hand shooting, retention shooting,Malfunction/reloading drills timed,  Moving to cover, shooting from behind cover. Explanation of the Tueller theory.



  • Functional handgun chambered in a minimum of .38 special/9mm
  • Minimum of 2 spare magazines (3 is recommended)
  • OWB holster that can secure firearm effectively
  • Appropriate clothing for active shooting
  • Appropriate belt to secure equipment (Gun belt)
  • Baseball hat (highly recommended)
  • Eye and ear protection
  • Handgun cleaning kit.
  • 200 rounds of ammunition


  • Limited Availability