Depending on what your ultimate end goal is I would recommend two paths:


Concealed Carry:
If this is your end goal then I would recommend taking the  NRA course The Basics of Pistol shooting instructor led course. This course counts as 8hrs towards the 16hr requirement for Illinois concealed carry. In my concealed carry offering I use this as a first day of the two part course. Then I would recommend that you take a class to learn how to draw from the holster properly. After that get some private instruction to work on perfecting your grip, stance, speed and accuracy. The instructor may use a timer to assist with adding stress to the training session. Once you have completed that I would recommend a defensive Pistol course to learn how to shoot from behind cover clear malfunctions and instill the proper mindset now that you are a concealed carrier.

NRA basics of pistol shooting instructor led
Mechanics of the Draw
Private Instruction
SAFTD Defensive Pistol Level 1 course

I would also recommend the basics of Pistol shooting for someone that is new to shooting and that does not want to carry a concealed firearm but wants to go to the range and practice with a pistol. The reason I make this recommendation is you learn how the firearms operates, how to clean, how to identify ammunition, proper stance and the fundamentals of shooting a pistol. This class can be used as 8hrs toward your concealed carry if you decide to go that route in the future as well as the prerequisite for taking a Personal Protection in the home class.

NRA basics of pistol shooting instructor led
Private Instruction (marksmanship training) malfunction clearing



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