I am one who owned and handled firearms as a youth but did not advocate the institution of firearm ownership as an adult with a family. I actually became very uncomfortable with the topic of firearms as well as being in the presence of one. Not because I thought firearms are bad and the damage I've seen them cause, but because I never felt the need to own firearms or to have them in my home.

With the growth of violent acts becoming commonplace in our society and within our neighborhoods I felt the need to assess my personal safety awareness or lack thereof.

This is where Mr. Lewis comes in.

Before we even talked about his firearms course offerings Mr. Lewis and I had many discussions about the art of personal safety and the advantages of being prepared to handle any circumstances that could become violent.
So when I decided on firearm ownership I sought his advice which he offered willingly.

I opted to take the Concealed Carry Weapons (CCW) 16 hour class he was offering. What I enjoyed about the class is how prepared and professional Mr. Lewis was and the approach he takes in teaching. All questions were answered and no question was a dumb question. Not only did he thoroughly cover firearm safety but physically introduced us to different types of firearms so we could actually handle them to better understand their safety attributes he was teaching. By using a hands on approach in the classroom it made us totally aware of the common mistakes novice gun owners practice so we can avoid them. We actually, loaded, unloaded, disassembled, cleaned, reassembled and stored our firearms, ammunition and supplies. Most importantly, Mr. Stewart stressed the importance of ones mindset handling firearms and the responsibility of ownership.

Mr. Lewis also taught extensively the gun laws of this state and how they could differ nationally. With all the questions the class asked Mr. Lewis provided precise answers with real life examples that were solidified though the use of personal experiences, textbooks, visual aids and videos.

Before we went to the range to qualify Mr. Lewis taught us range etiquette and how important it is to understand our surroundings and complying with range rules. We also completed shooting drills in the classroom using electronic weapons and targets he provided. This proved to be invaluable training that helped all the class participants qualify at the range on the first try.

Mr. Lewis is a well informed and highly trained instructor who constantly stays actively involved in extensive self training. This is what makes his courses so dynamic and enjoyable. He practices what he preaches!

If you're looking for a quality firearm training program I encourage you to give Mr. Lewis a call.  ~ K. Parsons - Aurora, IL

For years I have talked with individuals about the fears and fascination of gun operation.  I wanted to own a gun for multiple reasons primarily safety and security however was extremely overwhelmed with what it took to obtain my license.  As a novice I knew that finding the right CCW course was critical to understanding the pros and cons of owning a gun.  I didn’t want to find a course that would spit out the law like a robot and simply show pictures of different equipment.  I needed a class environment where I could interact with not only the instructor and the attendees but also experience hands on discussion.  A hands on environment where no question was frowned upon, videos were a plenty and the pace was slow.   Instructor Lewis made the 2 day course pleasant, informational and exciting.  I was truly amazed at just how much I had learned and understood.  As additional requirements come up regarding my CCW I will be sure to enroll in Mr. Lewis’ courses.  His expertise and passion around educating his students is unmatched and I thank him for easing the stress and encouraging us all to take the next step of gun ownership. ~ Ms. Williams

I took the 16 hour IL Conceal Carry course with Stewart Lewis. I highly recommend him as an instructor. We were given a comprehensive course book that included the NRA Basic Pistol course as well as the IL laws and Statutes regarding conceal carry. As the class went through the training material, our instructor demonstrated an expert knowledge of firearms and the laws related to conceal carry. He used relevant examples and visual aids to support the information presented. He provided a sample of the different types of firearms and demonstrated how they were used properly. He also allowed the class to handle the firearms (without ammunition). The ability to see them and handle them made me feel more comfortable with firearms.
Mr Lewis focus was student-centered. When he saw a student handling a firearm in the incorrect way, he immediately turned it into a teaching moment. Effectively correcting the student and showing the class the correct way to handle the firearm. He was also in tune with the classes demeanor. When the class looked confused or had questions on any area, he would stop and explain or answer questions.
Mr Lewis takes this class very serious. He went above and beyond the basic lesson. He shared different places to look for equipment for your firearm, showed the class how to clean their firearm and stressed the proper way to store your firearm. Taking his class you will leave with a wealth of knowledge. ~Ms. Drain

"Stewart is a dedicated and fantastic firearm instructor. His professionalism is both outstanding and weighs beyond the average personal instructor. His commitment and knowledge is unlike no other. His skill set will take any dedicated novice to marksmen. He’s able to apply life situations in which anyone can relate. His emphasis on safety and awareness will make the difference in the life of any person. His value is immeasurable. I appreciate his ability to articulate firearm terminology in lay term to the novice client and high tech terminology to the most experienced marksman.”

“In addition, Stewart is a family man who enjoys teaching others. He brings a wealth of information which is freely shared with his clients. He’s the best instructor a person could ask for. Taking his course has enabled me to learn the basics, increase my understanding of firearms, safety, awareness, supplies, courses, range shooting, marksmanship and more. All lessons which I apply daily.” – Patricia R. Lynwood, IL