OC Spray (20 JUL 24 ~9a-1p)

The SAFTEA Pepper Spray (O.C.) course is designed to teach the student to develop and adopt the situational awareness mindset while at home, at work, on the road, traveling etc; and teaches how to defend yourself using Oleo-resin Capsicum. This course is packed with  safety tips, and skills to survive a violent encounter using personal safety spray and hand to hand self-defense skills. The SAFE Course will also cover the levels of awareness and will teach you the mindset of living in a relaxed but aware state of condition yellow and discuss when your alertness level should change based on your current situation.  Students will leave the course with an active  unit that they can use.


Course Goals:

  • An understanding of situational alertness
  • Attacker Distraction Tactics
  • Verbal and Physical Escape Techniques
  • Training Drills for Preventing Attacks
  • Your options for protection
  • Personal Safety Spray Information
  • Training Drills for Protection


*No Refunds.  Funds will be applied to a future class.

This course can be taught as Women's Only Class upon request.



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